As co-founder and managing partner of Patel Gaines, PLLC, Rahul leads the fifth fastest-growing law firm in the nation. Focusing on commercial and civil litigation, commercial real estate, property tax litigation, and corporate and business law, Rahul and his team of legal minds create tailored solutions for complex client needs.



FSM (Fundamental Sports Management)

With a passion for sports and a desire to reshape the sports representation industry, Rahul founded his next venture, FSM. FSM aims to revolutionize the way NBA athletes are represented throughout their lives, not just their playing careers. With unrivaled negotiation skills and a reputation for sealing deals, Rahul works tirelessly for his clients ensuring a successful future far beyond their time on the court.




Rahul has a multifaceted knowledge of real estate development and a keen understanding of the market. Based on this experience, Rahul launched PG Commercial with a focus on developing modern and innovative real estate development projects in South Central Texas. Since 2003, he has led the development of numerous projects. His most recent project, The 2030, is a state-of-the-art office building in North San Antonio that has been recognized regionally by Texas Lawyer and has received accolades from various other media outlets as well.




Rahul partnered with F45 to acquire a franchise for the hottest new trend in fitness in San Antonio. F45 offers 45-minute high-intensity, circuit-training workouts designed to maximize your time at the gym and in facilities all over the world. Featuring cutting-edge techniques, high-grade equipment, and experienced staff, F45 is introducing a more efficient and effective way to manage your fitness. As an advisor and investor in the new concept, Rahul will apply his forward-thinking mindset and passion for fitness to help grow the concept across San Antonio and Texas.